Special Issue of the IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
Submission Deadline November 30, 2012
Publication Date August 2013.

A: Breakdown and Flashover
1. Vacuum breakdown and prebreakdown phenomena
2. Surface discharges and flashover phenomena
3. RF breakdown and multipactoring phenomena
4. High field effects in microelectromechanical systems and nanostructures

B: Vacuum arcs
1. Switching in vacuum and related phenomena
2. Interaction of vacuum arcs with magnetic field
3. Vacuum arc physics
4. Computer modeling and computer aided design
5. Pulse power physics and technology

C: Applications
1. Vacuum interrupters and their applications
2. Deposition of coatings by vacuum arc plasmas and related technologies
3. Electron, ion, neutron, X-ray and other beam and light sources
4. Accelerators and fusion reactor related issues
5. Space related technologies

All contributions should be submitted electronically through the IEEE Manuscript Central web site at:
as described in the submission instructions

All papers will undergo a standard peer-review process typical for all IEEE Transactions and Journals.

Please direct questions to the Guest Editor for this Special Issue:

Dr. Alexander Batrakov
Laboratory of Vacuum Electronics
Institute of High Current Electronics, SB RAS
2/3 Akademichesky Avenue
Tomsk 634055, Russia
Phone: Local +7-913-8833087
Abroad +372-5-9526387
Fax: +7-382-2492410
Email: batrakov@lve.hcei.tsc.ru,

Regular Issue of the IEEE Transactions
on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation
with an extended section on VACUUM INSULATION
Informal Submission Deadline October 30, 2012.

Authors who are interested in having a manuscript published in the IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation are advised to submit their manuscript as a regular paper. All contributions should be submitted electronically through the http://www.cloznet.com/ieeetdei/ieeetdei.cfm web site. The authors are invited to meet October 30, 2012, as an informal deadline for submission of manuscripts to enter their papers in the same issue. Authors are reminded that manuscripts must not be identical to the proceedings manuscripts but substantially revised and amended. They must be prepared following the style requirements of IEEE Transactions.